This is what I am doing now. Updated January 23:

  • Almost a year ago I started taking Collagen with peptides after a bike ride or after a intense exercise. Both for a health and cosmetic objective. After being investigating about supplements for a long time I'm starting with Whey Protein (only after a long or intense bike ride or exercise) and Creatine Monohydrate daily. Meanwhile I'll keep investigating about Metformin, Resveratrol, NMN and Berberine.

  • Hard times at the family. My father was diagnosed with "hours of life expectancy" but he's still there. Holding to live. Which to be brutally honest I'm far from sure is the best thing for him and for the family. It's hard to say but staying alive is not living. Merely lying on bed with most cognitive capacities capped is not living. Hard for him. Hard for my mother. Hard for the whole family.

  • Not feeling that positive about 2023 🙃

  • Feeling very positive about 2023.

  • After years of not doing anything like that, I just finished an online course on compounding by the one and only Jack Butcher

  • Struggling with the winter dark times. I hate the short days and the cold mornings.

  • Struggling with the lower demand on both of my brands.

  • Looking for a doctor In the Sant Cugat, Barcelona area who is up to date on longevity trends or at least on preventive and not reactive medicine. Someone I can email and/or video call. Know about anyone?




  • Managing and operating

  • Product and marketing at

  • Investing smart money (aka: pay and work, where is the smart part?) and being part of the founding team in something new

Hang out:

  • You can find me on Twitter mostly learning (and sometimes writing) about investing, branding, marketing, books, longevity or MotoGP.

  • You can also find me on Instagram posting mostly about gravel, Porsche, SUP surfing (when waves in flatcelona), books, business, investing, or health.

  • My professional life is on Linkedin.

  • I'm trying to write more and more and you can read my stories on Medium. I usually write trying to summarise interesting things, knowledge or books which helps me to better understand them (a simplified Feynman learning technique) and to practice english, which is not my native language, as I enjoy (and consider myself good) product and ad copy. By the way, I recommend joining Medium as a great source of knowledge.

  • Books (and podcasts) are my main knowledge source. You can follow what I read, what I'm reading and what's in my to read list on Goodreads. For 2022 I have a target to read (books) a minimum of 20 minutes daily.

  • Exercise wise I mostly do cycling, gravel cycling, and when the Gods dare to send some waves to Barcelona, SUP surfing. To keep me in shape I occasionally practice yoga, walks and hikes. You can follow my activities on Strava. For 2022 I have a target of 5500 Km of cycling, 500 waves, 1000 push-ups and squats per month and an average of 75 minutes of exercise per day.

  • Always learning investing by managing my own portfolio of stocks, crypto, indexed low cost funds, pension funds, some start-ups, a little bit of real state, starting with sport classic cars and even flipping sneakers.

  • Want to contact me? Better do it by email.

Some things I am no longer doing: (aka what is removed from the above list)

  • Losing money in the markets (in crypto, in stocks, in index funds and even in bonds)

  • Read The birth of brand, by Brian Smith, the founder of UGG boots. I never imagined being interested in the UGG brands until I listened to a Noah Kagan podcast with Brian. I instantly loved the story and wanted to dive deeper in the brand foundation and grow.

  • Organising my first social gravel ride sponsored by AMS and Ravet Bike.

  • Read, and summarized "$100M Offers" by Alex Homozi.

  • Updated my life lessons with something I heard on a Noah Kagan podast with Kinko's founder Paul Orfalea, Lot's of life and business wisdom on this pod. Hugely recommended.

  • Re-reading "Richer, Wiser, Happier" by William Green. Now in physical format.

  • Just opened Brevet CC in Sant Cugat. "Your healthy corner". A specialty coffee, healthy food and cycling friendly restaurant and cafe. I'm investor and help with branding and marketing.

  • Received a new US Patent in physical format so I decided to check how many patents and brands I own or co-own: I'm the inventor in 5 patents and own 6 trademarks. To add trademarks of

  • Managed to sell my first real estate. I think it's a good moment to get cash.

  • Finished reading "$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No” by Alex Hormozi

  • Finished re-reading Richer, Wiser, Happier" by William Green

  • Documenting one of my hobbies: eating. Follow me on Google and follow my favourite restaurants. Building my list also in this page

  • Love coffee? Fancy Healthy food? Cycling enthusiast? All together? Maybe I can help you soon. Brevet CC is coming. Already opened.

  • Finished reading Build by Tony Fadell. Awesome book where Tony shares his knowledge on product, marketing, business and management in parallel with his career evolution. And here's my summary.

  • Trying to work less during August.

  • Trying to sell a flat in Sant Cugat.

  • Finished my short book summary of Network States by Balaji.

  • Thinking about doing a list of my favourite restaurants. Meanwhile I've been more and more active reviewing places.

  • Fresh back from holidays in Fuerte

  • Looking for investing opportunities without success and learning to do nothing and to sit on my hands in periods like this.

  • Working too much, too hard on too many things.

  • Updating my life lessons.

  • Losing money in the markets and in crypto and in index funds ... business also declining from last year. Is the World in a recession?. Most probably, I'm definitely in one.

  • Planning a family escape aka holidays.

  • Wrote an article about the stock market and the real economy. A tale through the conversations between Mr. Investor and Mr. Average Joe.

  • Not finding a good EV car which was available and with a monthly cost according to the tough times I think are coming, I got a new 3 years renting contract with Toyota. 3 more years on a Corolla Sportstourer. A new one.

  • Changing strategy for book reading. I'll only read books in Kindle format and if I like them that much to read a second time, then I'll buy the physical copy. More on why here

  • Losing money in the markets and in crypto and in index funds ... a recession coming? All signals point at it.

  • Finished reading Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller and here is my summary

  • Finished a full detailing of the classic Porsche 911 (996) 4S: exterior polish and ceramic treatment and interior deep clean and restoration of parts with minor blemishes. Now is in a perfect collection state. Perfect to enjoy ... or sell. If you want it, drop me an email with your offer.

  • Inspired by Kevin Kelly's 103 bits of advice I wish I had known, I compiled my own list. Mostly from my list of quotes and book summaries.

  • ...