Carles Carrera


My name is Carles Carrera and I'm constantly trying to learn how to live life. I'm an engineer no longer engineering things but brands and gradually shifting my interest to investing.

I'm co-founder and manager of RSPro and co-founder of AMS. I live in Sant Cugat, Barcelona with my wife and a son and my chronological age is higher than my biological one 🤘🏼

Where I am:

  • You can find me on Twitter mostly learning (and sometimes writing) about investing, branding, marketing, books, longevity or MotoGP.

  • You can also find me on Instagram posting about books, gravel, Porsche, business, investing, health or SUP surfing.

  • My professional life is on Linkedin.

  • I'm trying to write more and more and you can read my stories on Medium. I usually write trying to summarise interesting things, knowledge or books which helps me to better understand them (a simplified Feynman learning technique) and to practice english, which is not my native language, as I enjoy (and consider myself good) at product and ad copy. By the way, I recommend joining Medium as a great source of knowledge.

  • Books (and podcasts) are my main knowledge source. You can follow what I read, what I'm reading and what's in my to read list on Goodreads. For 2022 I have a target to read an average of 20 minutes daily.

  • I consume lots of hours of podcasts weekly while driving and cycling. Lots.

  • Exercise wise I mostly do cycling, gravel cycling, and when the Gods dare to send some waves to Barcelona, SUP surfing. To keep me in shape I occasionally practice yoga, walks and hikes. You can follow my activities on Strava. For 2022 I have a target of 5500 Km of cycling, 500 waves, 1000 push-ups and squats per month and an average of 75 minutes of exercise per day.